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Daily Driven Exotics

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DDE Quick Detail Spray


DDE Quick Detail Spray is the ideal solution for quickly and effectively performing routine wipe-downs. Cleaning with DDE Quick Detail Spray can be done in a matter of minutes and if done every few days or after every drive, can mean your vehicle rarely ever needs a full wet wash. Proper quick detailing is much safer on your paint than full soap washes. Additionally, being able to get your weekend-only car spotless clean after only a few minutes is a great motivator for frequent drives.

This product is also great for daily drivers if used weekly. This is specially true for areas with clean roads and very little rain. DDE Quick Detail Spray is formulated to encapsulate light contaminants that sit on your paint, to easily wipe them off without scratching your paint. It is also very gentle. This means it can be used on all surfaces, from paint, to glass, to plastics.


  • Safe to use on all of your car’s exterior surfaces
  • Works great on glass too
  • Quick and easy to use
  • Leaves surface smooth and shiny
  • Can be diluted 1:1 for light clay bar use

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